Sharp Contrast is a 3D visualization studio established in 2017 by two young architects Erich Milenov and Krasimir Kapitanov, located in Sofia Bulgaria. We are a team of CG artists ready to provide high quality computer generated images (CGI) for companies, architects, designers, etc., all around the world. Our team is ready to give you an individual service so you can feel part of the team. For us every project is unique piece of art and it is all about the customer.

         Our goal is helping customers to present their ideas in the best way. We are specialized in 3D Modeling, 3D Rendering,  Exterior and Interior Architectural visualization, Master planning, Walk-through,  360° panoramic views, CGI graphics, Product visualization and Post-production. Working with highly compatible software allows us to be flexible with all formats. We combine high quality with friendly prices.

Arch. Erich Milenov

Co-Founder and CEO of Sharp Contrast, attracted at early age by the art, he continues to deliver the goods of his talent as 3D artist. Graduate as Architect in 2016, together with his friend and colleague Krasimir Kapitanov, set the idea for the creation of CGI company known today as Sharp Contrast.

Arch. Krasimir Kapitanov

Co-founder and CEO of Sharp Contrast, from early age he was interested in designing and inventing new things or restoring the old ones. In 2016 the dream to be a graduated architect came true, at the university he found that as a CGI artist he can visualize his ideas to the other people or help them to visualize their own ideas.

Arch. Elislava Penkova

Director of Sharp Contrast,