FiBank – Office Renovation 2020



Arch. Erich Milenov and arch. Krassimir Kapitanov are two young architects who graduated VFU “Lyuben Karavelov” in 2016. United by their common passion for architecture, in In 2017 they founded an architectural studio – SHARP CONTRAST LTD. (Sharp Contrast Ltd.) The company specializes in the preparation of investment projects for residential, public and industrial buildings, interior projects, landscape, urban planning and 3D visualization and animation. CONCEPT and DESIGN: As clients of FiBank and referring to our own observations to each one bank branch we have ever visited, we emphasize one of the most noticeable and main problems, namely the sound background that these “open spaces” generate. When a client and an employee talk to each other, everyone witnesses their conversation people in the bank branch, something that no customer wants to happen because of who is often embarrassed to speak in his normal tone. The reason is that the bank branches are considered purely as office spaces, which has a logic in terms of sanitation and a functional point of view. In the case of bank branches, however, the case is slightly different, here there is not only a working part, but also a service part, which is a prerequisite for noise. And when works and with personal data the elimination of the sound background becomes a necessity. In our development, we emphasize this problem by implementing in overall design, sound-absorbing and sound-dissipating materials and shapes, such as wood and sound absorbing panels used in the development of recording studios, which of course, they are stylized and adapted to the vision we are looking for. That’s how we keep it office practicality and at the same time we turn the space into a place suitable for customer service and work with their personal data. The floors of the most commonly used spaces are made of granite, in order to maintain easier hygiene, and c the areas where loans are serviced, we use carpets laid on a thin sound insulation, so within 1cm. flooring, we achieve optimal sound absorption surface. On the walls we use wooden grills, which serve not only as decorative elements, and as sound-diffusing areas that dissipate and partially absorb noise. The ceilings above each service counter are treated with sound-absorbing panels from polyurethane foam, and the partitions between the counters are sandwich panels of perforated MDF, and polyurethane panels between them, so the spaces where makes contact between client and employee will be significantly separated sound, but will remain in a complete space, visually. The vision we have chosen is bright and fresh, with natural elements (wood and Scandinavian moss) combined with elements of the logo and the old vision of the bank branches of FiBank, the result is a more pleasant and friendly environment, but with elements that the bank is solidified as its own label over the years and through which people recognize it on subconscious level.


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