Lawyer’s Office – Sofia


Young architects bring style and security to law firms “The interior of the law firm strives to embody weight and security in each of its visitors.” This is what the young architects Pano Kozarov and Krassimir Kapitanov say, to whom lawyers have entrusted the interior of their office. In order to best feel the clients and their desires, arch. Kozarov and arch. Kapitanov spend a few days in their company, discussing different ideas together. This creates a perfect symbiosis. “We have achieved a classic style, lined with natural materials, wood and stone. The contrast between the colors gives austerity and direction. The conference room is interactive and contrasts with a modernist glass partition wall. Modern technological solutions are integrated in the strict classical style, all sockets and low-current installations are built into the floor in floor power boxes. With architect Krassimir Kapitanov we created a real business coziness “, shares the young architect Pano Kozarov, who is the founder of the architectural studio EKABO. This year he was also among the winners of the National Awards for Construction and Investment, and was highly praised by the international jury.


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