Rebuilding 100+ years old monument

monument-erich-milenov-krasimir-kapitanov-vyzstanovqvane-pametnik-pyrvi-shesti- pehotni-polkove-sofia-ndk-architect-project


The project is an updated version of the former memorial plaques, not a restoration or reconstruction of the former memorial, but reminiscent of it with its silhouette, without being intrusive to the eye. The concept is as simple as possible, using elements of the plates, both the supporting frames and their content are delicately selected as elements, reminiscent of the past and fitting into the modern vision of the space around them. The three frames are made of metal double T profiles, representing the supporting structure, to which is mounted the structure for the cladding of the frames themselves, which can be of several types: Al panels, HPL and others. The content of the frames is a rough silhouette of the former plates, made of openwork metal mesh – Wire mesh. This technology has been used successfully for almost two years around the world as an effective and efficient way to demonstrate lost architectural heritage (examples in panel 2). The purpose of this silhouette is to show the appearance of the former memorial as a spirit of the past, and the frames to represent the portal that shows it to us, as a portal that allows us to peek into the past, which is actually the effect of the openwork network. The names of the victims are written on high walls of laminated glass, with thick inscriptions and a transparent background, which helps the idea of ​​a portal to the past to be even more elegant and complete. However, this effect has a second side, which is actually far more favorable to the eye of the people and it is that the space around the monument will remain open, from end to end, without significantly violating its perception, as would happen with dense memorial plaques. The perception of greenery, and the pleasure of the wide spaces of the environment near the National Palace of Culture, are one of the main people to prefer this space for walking and recreation, and with this vision I believe that they will not be disturbed.


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